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Aluminium Windows

Modern, ,low maintanance and elegent. This is without doubt how our aluminium windows can be described best. The customized window geometry with its convex design sash lends the windows an aesthetic look that is extraordinary in that special way. Thanks to their range of variants, their inward and outward opening modes, and their slender sight lines,. The corner connectors are mitred for the perfect look and functionality. Solid metal corner connectors are fixed to aluminium profiles to form an inseparable bond for strong, stable closed frames. They have multi point locking to get higher security.

AluTown aluminium windows are available in white, black and many more colours. You can be assured of affordable aluminium windows that accord the highest quality, and make your interiors look elegant and modern.

  • Easy cleaning by vacuum cleaner.

  • Available in – 2 track, 3 track frame, fixed and flaps

  • All tracks have a heavy-duty hollow profile.

  • Option of single or insulated double glass for sound and heat insulation available.

  • Tracks and shutter provided with weather strips to prevent air and water infiltration.

  • The shutter slides on  ball bearing for smooth and silent sliding movement

  • Heavy duty and hard quality of hardware

  • Integration of flymesh can be easily done in the same product

  • variable glass thickness

  • Available in variety of colour

Aluminium Sliding Window : 2 track Sliding 

Aluminium  sliding window with glass on both the track is best suited for Home and Offices

3 track sliding window.jpg
Aluminium Sliding  window : 3 track Slidjng

Aluminium Sliding Window with glass on 2 tracks and mosquito mesh on third track

Square Window
Aluminium window : Fixed window

Aluminium Fixed windows installed with glass , Particle board or APP Sheets

casement window_2.jpg
Aluminium Flaps Windows : Multiple flaps

Aluminium casement windows with multiple flaps can be installed with mosquito mess , APP Sheets or Glass

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